Join our mission to win the battle against post traumatic stress.

Help us promote well-being and purpose through education, peer bonding and life skills.

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Connecting with brothers and sisters who have had experiences similar to yours helps speed up the recovery process.  Your interactions will always be with someone who has been diagnosed with PTSD.


All of us have a gift that we are meant to use in our lives.  You will have hands on experience on many types of career options to help you define that gift.


Therapy dogs are extremely beneficial but fully trained dogs are very expensive and you may have to wait a long time prior to getting one.  Connect with one of our rescue dogs and learn how to train your new best friend to be your therapy dog.


Maximum health and wellness is achieved by pursuing improvement in all areas of health.  Fitness is a key component of overall health and we include a variety of fitness activities, nutrition education and food preparation classes.


The key to good communication and leadership is to influence others in a way that sparks optimal performance and celebrates that effort at the same time.  Great leaders lift you up.


Confidence comes from the discipline of living your life to the fullest.  To live your life to the fullest, you must step outside of your comfort zone.  Of course, that is hard to do when dealing with PTSD, but we are here to help you through the toughest times.

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