Victory Race Series

Register now for our all new Victory Race Series.  We have so much fun hosting running events that we have decided to add more.  In addition we want to make running even more fun by adding new chances to win. Winning runners will be awarded with a trophy or plaque as well as earning points for each placing.  The runner with the highest points total will be the series champion and win more prizes.  Runners can get a 30% discount if they register for the series rather than one race at a time.  The running events include our Hero Run as well as the Chicken Run at the Midwest WingFest.  In addition we are adding the Salute to Courage and the Shoulder the 22.  Every race will feature a 5K run.  Some races will include a 10K run or a half marathon.  The Shoulder the 22 event is a 22K weighted hike.  The Victory Race Series is only for the runners who place in the 5K runs.  The proceeds from each event go to help veterans and others dealing with PTSD