Mission First

Put the mission first and help improve lives.  Donations aren't the only way to help a charity. You can be proud of your contribution through volunteerism, purchasing products at Amazon Smile or Avon, hosting an event, jewelry party or asking your employer to match your contribution.

Online shopping

You can raise money by simply shopping for goods you already shop for at Amazon.  Simply switch to Smile.Amazon.com.  Or, if you prefer Avon products you can shop there are as well.  Both donate a portion of each sale to Climb for PTSD if you use the links.

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A popular way to raise funds through your company is to hold a Jeans Day where employees purchase the opportunity to wear jeans on a specific day.  If your company isn't doing that currently, let your boss know about Climb for PTSD and ask if they would be willing to hold a Jeans Day.  Another way is to ask if they would be willing to match donations raised through the Jeans Day.

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Host a Victory Jewelry Event

Some of our patients are unable to hold jobs due to the severity of their symptoms.  We sell their products to provide a living for them while also raising money to fulfill our mission.  Invite your friends for some wine and cheese while sharing our catalog of our Awareness Jewelry line.  Or, take the catalog to work and share with your co-workers.  Friends and coworkers can order and pay by cash, check or credit card.

Host your own fundraising event.

We can help you host your very own event.  Have fun with friends and organize a pub crawl, putt putt golf, mouse races or food drives.  There are many fun options to choose from depending on what you like to do.

Get your school involved

Get your school club involved in hosting one of our climb-a-thons that raise money for us and for your club and school.  

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