A climb-a-thon is an exciting and effective method for engaging your students, raising money for your school and a good cause at the same time.  Engage your community with a climb-a-thon at your school or school district.

How you benefit

Raise money for your school

Most school fundraisers leave you with a small percentage of the overall money raised.  Climb for PTSD believes that a good education can help decrease future issues and wants to share in any funds raised through our Climb a thon program.

Volunteer opportunity

If your students are required to engage in a certain number of volunteer hours, this is a fun and exciting way to do it.  

Get you students excited

Aren't you tired of the school fund raising efforts that involve selling a boring product.  Our Climb a thon program is exciting and will engage you students.

How it works


We will send our staff and veteran along with representatives from the local police, fire and EMS to discuss the community impact of post traumatic stress along with the sharing of personal stories.  


After the assembly and throughout the week, educate your students.   In History class, what is PTSD?  In Social Studies, What are some of the negative impacts on your community and society as a whole?  


In physical education class the students climb bleachers and see how many they can climb.  Compete among athletic teams...

Contact us to find out more about inspiring your students and raising more money for your school