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No one can know what it is like to deal with the stress of combat without having been in combat themselves.  Join our group of veterans for...


Police have to deal with the stress of dangerous situations, witnessing the brutality of crime and accidents and also the ambiguity of the relationship between the public and police.  


Firefighters have to deal with the danger of controlling a fire, but also the after effects of fatal fires.  Most also deal with witnessing the terrible effects of accidents.  In many cases, they are volunteers who donate their time to serve their community.


EMS professionals deals with accidents, natural disease, sudden illness and death on a daily basis.  PTSD can be caused by witnessing a single dramatic event.  Imagine witnessing them daily.

Emergency Room

Emergency room staff are the final line of defense between life and death.  Daily exposure to witnessing death can ...


Anyone who experiences directly or by witnessing a trauma can develop the symptoms of PTSD.  We do not turn anyone away, no matter the cause of your PTSD symptoms.  Any type of abuse can lead to PTSD.

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