Our Progress

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We work hard to make a change for the better in the lives of those dealing with the symptoms of PTSD.  In our time as a charitable organization, we have been able to make a significant impact on peoples lives.  We have reunited estranged couples and families.  We have helped many strengthen their resolve and stay and complete a college degree.  We have helped decrease prescription and elicit drug use.  Our progress gives meaning and joy to our lives.  With your help, we can make improvements on more lives.  While anyone can develop the symptoms of PTSD, research indicates that roughly 7% of the general population is dealing with PTSD at any given time, while over 20% of veterans are suffering from PTSD.  Veterans are also almost twice as likely to commit suicide than anyone else.  

Graduated college

The difficulty of dealing with the symptoms of PTSD makes it hard to hold down a job or complete an education.  With our support, six of our peers have been able to complete college.  Two have moved on to graduate school.


PTSD can break any relationship.  Between spouses, parent and kids or siblings.  The greatest feeling in the world is to receive a hug and thank you from a mother who "now has her son back".


Employment isn't just about getting a job.  It also includes keeping a job and getting promoted.  Six of our clients have been able to reduce their number of sick days and therefore hold on to their jobs.  Several have found jobs for the first time in years.

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